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WordPress.com Tag Cloud Generator

Want to display all of your categories/tags on a single page as a tag cloud? You need my Tag Cloud Generator for WordPress.com program.


  • Tag Cloud Generator connects to your WordPress.com account, downloads information about your tags/categories and generates HTML code you can cut-and-paste into a blog post or a blog page. It’s not as simple as running a plug-in, but it is the only solution available for WordPress.com bloggers who want a tag cloud other than using the sidebar image.
  • It will let you control the colours and the height of the text even if you don’t have the CSS upgrade!
  • It works with any WordPress or WordPress Multi-User blog, including WordPress.com, Blogsome.com, and edublogs.org

Written by engtech

(2007 -- Thursday, July 12) at (4:34 pm)

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  1. I have figured out a very easy cut-and-paste method to have a link to the Tag Cloud page/post in a wordpress.com blog.

    Why not check it out? 🙂
    Tag Cloud in a page/post for wordpress.com blogs.

    Netty Gritty

    (2008 -- Saturday, March 29) at (3:12 am)

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