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WP Theme is a test blog created by engtech @ Internet Duct Tape.com

Whenever a new theme is released for wordpress.com I set this blog to use the theme so that people can get an idea of what it looks like and how it can break.

It started as part of my WordPress.com Theme Reviews series, but that has fallen to the wayside as it takes several hours to review themes and there isn’t a wide audience for it.

Don’t forget to checkout my list of WordPress.com Tips and Tools.


Written by engtech

(2007 -- Thursday, July 12) at (4:38 pm)

Comments off, excerpt test.

Hi there, welcome to //engtech‘s little corner of the Internet for testing out themes on WordPress.com before switching them to my blog.

Jump directly to the HTML test.

Comments are off for this posts, but it does have comments and should display them.

This post has an excerpt.

Written by engtech

(2006 -- Sunday, September 10) at (8:52 pm)

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